About Global Pen Expo Event Pen Expo 2020 - A Mega Fountain Pen Carnival

We at Global Distributors, take this opportunity to embark our journey from our home city, Ahmedabad and bring to you One of its kind Pen show and strive to better this ability with each successive editions in the coming years.Pen Expo 2020 offers something for everyone. As well as an impressive array of Classic to modern day Premium writing instruments. Children are not being overlooked there will be plenty of activities to keep them happy, well elders can participate.

Ahmedabad is home to prestigious institutes like the Indian Institute of Management, National Institute of Design, Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad, National Institute of Fashion Technology,the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, and B.J. Medical College. Global Distributors ventures into the world of Trade Fairs, Fountain Pen festivals and Events with its maiden concept of Pen Expo 2020 a mega fountain pen carnival that will bring together pen lovers, collectors, traders, dealers and writing aficionados from Pan India.

The PenExpo is held in the city of Ahmedabad celebrating being awarded India's First Heritage City by UNESCO. This is a city that is truly globalized. A buoyant economy and disposable income have driven the reality boom in the mega city, Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad means "where business is a way of life". The fifth richest city in India is now Ahmedabad, ahead of Bombay and Delhi, and miles ahead of Calcutta.

It is an off-beat yet spectacular combination of a hobby convention, trade fair, a visual treat for collectors and a market place for pen lovers and users. Although the primary y focus will be on 'Writing Instrument' , but it is not complete without everything that can be associated with writing like paper, ink, nibs, art materials,etc.



Some Interesting Things About Pen Expo

Pen Servicing

Bring any of your Fountain pen and get it serviced by our experts.

Nib Grinding

Customize your Fountain pen Nib by Tuning, Smoothing and refining the character of your nib to your choice.

Old Is Gold

Exhibition cum Sale of Classic & Vintage Fountain Pens.